Elemental Equanimity: A Coloring Book

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Hello All!

My name is Amanda Heller and I am a tattooed, natural, mindful, loving mama based in Austin, Texas with a huge passion for creation and mindfulness for all ages. I began using pens and paper during adolescence as a way to find my center and calm; when I became a new mother, I immediately felt drawn to come back to this way of release. This time around, I found a new way of expression through my passions of natural birth and mandala creation and as time went by, I kept being told that my art could be part of a coloring book. I have finally decided to dive into this new realm of creation as a coloring book author with a spin of my own.

I wanted to create a coloring book for all ages which takes us on a journey through the Four Elements, and assists with the idea of mindfulness and being in the present moment. I know that truly letting go and presencing ourselves into the moment of NOW can be hard sometimes, and that is how Elemental Equanimity was born.

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Elemental Equanimity, a conscious coloring journey through the four elements, is filled with 20 removable and frame-able 9×12 art pieces that have been printed on thick, high quality paper with perforated edges. I created this book with the idea that each page is to be treated as a piece of art that we co-create together. This book is unique in this idea, and because of this, each page will have the ability to be easily removed from the binding so that it can be framed or gifted to a friend.

Each of the four elemental sections will begin with a handwritten page containing an affirmation and facts about each element and will be followed by 5 themed and consciously birthed pieces for you to fill in with any medium you feel is fit!

This coloring book aims to connect us to our innate divine earthy natural wisdom (which already lies within) through affirmations, mindfulness and creationism. The art within the book ranges from simplistic pages to some pieces that are filled to the brim with detail. Although the book was created with the young adult in mind, it can be enjoyed by all ages!


Elemental Equanimity

20 Coloring Pages + 4 Text Pages

9×12 on high quality paper with perforated edges for removal

Both the Art Pages and Elemental Text Pages were Hand Drawn/Printed by me with no computer editing.  The only computer usage was done to scan and format each piece to become part of the book.

By purchasing this book, you are helping to keep my path as a mother AND an artist illuminated.

For some time I was teaching yoga, but I found that the growth in the relationship between my son and I was more important than the amount of energy I was putting into that job. Being an artist has allowed me to be home with my son, be his teacher, and give him the attention and love that he needs from me, and for this I am so grateful.