About Me and Getting in Touch

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My name is Amanda Jo and I like to think of myself as a love enthusiast.


GTA, Mother, Womens Rights, Coloring Book Creator, Intuitive Artist, Un-planned ink artist, outside-the-lines-drawer, Prenatal Yoga <3, Breastfeeding Rights, Artist, Sharpie lover, Ink, Yoga, Alpha Brain Waves, Movement, Meditation in Motion, Finding new-ness in older objects, Inner Child, No Jeans, Bra-free, Clothing Optional in my home, traveler, seeker, Cacao, Raw foods, Bananas, More Bananas, Beads, Crumb Maker, Crumb Cleaner, Totoro, Handstands, Heart Talks, Reserving the right to change my mind upon new information coming to light, human. <3



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