Welcome to SKYE SPIRIT

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Welcome to SKYE SPIRIT

My name is Amanda Heller and I am so happy that you are here.

I am a yogi, artist and vegan tattooed mama based in Austin, TX.

I am passionate about LIFE- women’s rights, prenatal yoga, and parenting with peace.

Along with being a mother, I am also an ink artist and a daily dance party enforcer. I love breath, hot baths, coconut oil, raw cacao, nuts (did we just make a raw cacao cheezecake?!), lavender, jasmine, The Beatles, meowing at cats, reading and scribbling in the margins, doodling, handstands, laying off the side of furniture, laughing, lamps, earth tones, no pants, and love.

Please explore the site and enjoy the artwork and my ADULT COLORING BOOK!

Elemental Equanimity can be found on my IndieGoGo and is still being pre-ordered!

Please check that out by clicking the banner or the tab up top title “Get the Book!”

You can find my art portfolio, my blog, and my Etsy Store up top!

Thank you so much for being here. <3

144345 - Amanda Heller 6x6 Art 1-Baby 1